Coming out from behind ourselves (aka the curtain) can be a difficult experience.  Take me for example.  I’ve had my business jdh Insights, LLC for a year now.

What I’ve learned over the past year is that I’m extremely comfortable meeting and connecting with people in person, calling and speaking with others on the phone, and leading/facilitating various meetings and learning sessions.  And yet, only now am I sharing my voice in this forum.

In fact, each time I’ve started to write a piece to post on LinkedIn, share on Facebook or on my website, I have a saboteur voice inside of me that is screaming, “YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THAT, DO YOU?”

And then the voice will continue with, “Do you think you are really ready to share your perspectives?”  “What if they (you, the audience being they), don’t like what you have to share?”  “What if they make fun of you?”  “What if you misspell something?  How will you ever overcome that failure?”  Those words are made up of several of my saboteur’s I’ve learned to know and love over time.  My Perfect Pauline, Critical Cathy and Polly who wants to Please everyone.

What I’m learning about myself is that I have a lot of ideas, perspectives, and thoughts to share.  Should you choose to read them, excellent!  And, if you don’t, that’s okay; however, I think you may be missing out on something great.  That’s the voice of my creative self – Jojo.  I’m allowing her to be the one in charge of writing my material.  While my saboteurs have done an excellent job with protecting me throughout my life and career, I’m ready to move on and share the more creative, courageous and inspirational part of myself.

If you’d like to engage in a coaching experience with me learn more about your creative sides and/or saboteurs contact me at  You might also enjoy this article by Buffy Owens on ‘Who’s Your Saboteur?’